Post Frame and
Standing Seam Trim

All American Steel offers a variety of channel types that match your siding or roof color.

All American Steel offers one of the largest selections of post frame and standing seam trims.  In addition, All American specializes in custom bent profiling trims up to 21’ with matching existing panels or those being used in new construction.

Unlike most manufacturers, All American Steel installs film on all our smooth trims.  The film protects the painted surface from scratches and scrapes during transportation to the job site, or movement at the job site.  While the film is not cheap, it saves time & money over having to replace any damaged material that didn’t have the film protection.

Custom Made Special Trims up to 21′ feet

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment All American Steel manufactures special trim designed to your specifications. To help ensure accuracy, please provide the following information.


1. A drawing of the trim design.
2. Clearly marked dimensions of each leg.
3. Clearly marked degrees of each angle.
4. Clearly indicate the color side.
5. Indicate if hems are open or closed.

Trim Manufacturing Specifications

  • Hem size must be 1/2″ or larger.
  • Bends on hemmed legs need to be greater than 1/2″. Otherwise, the hem obstructs the bend.
  • Smashed parts need to be at least 1 1/4″.
    *Maximum press can bend is 135 degrees.
  • Bending two, 90 degree bends on the same side, leg “A” or “C” must be equal to or less than “B”.
    Thus, “B” can never be shorter than both “A” and “C”
  • When bending angles opposite of one another, like a Z, leg “A” must be 9/16″ or larger.
  • Parts with more than two bends on the same side are difficult to bend unless the dimensions are large enough to clear the press. For parts like these, please consult your representative in advance.

*For trims that slide over another part where inside dimensions are critical, please indicate “CRITICAL” measurement.