Clip fastener system 

Concord Striated

Concord Flat

Panel Coverage:

1″ Rib Height – 12″ or 17-1/2″
1 1/2″ Rib Height – 12″ or 16″


Clip Concealed Fastener System

Standard Finish

– WeatherXL Crinkle

Optional Finishes

– Smooth SMP and Kynar 500


– 40-year finish


– 26 Gauge – 24 Gauge special order


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In-Stock colors
24 – 48 Hr. Lead Time
Black Crinkle
Cocoa Brown Crinkle
Burnished Slate Crinkle
Charcoal Crinkle
Evergreen Crinkle
Concord Burgundy Crinkle

Burgundy Crinkle

What is Crinkle?
The WeatherXL “Crinkle” finish is a very unique textured coating that is best seen in person… not on a computer screen. The finish from Valspar redirects light for enhanced visual depth, which promises an improvement over basic flat panels’ appearance.  The coating has been responsively designed, so its subtle shading mirrors the eye’s natural horizontal motion.  Let your eyes play over the surface when it’s in sunlight.  You’ll be amazed how it breaks up the light, creating an endless series of shifting, simmering tones.

Its Durability
Formulated with enhanced WeatherXL silicone polyester, Crinkle delivers proven superior quality for outstanding performance.  For all of its beauty, it features an enduring weatherability to resist fading, scratching and chalking.

The crinkle finishes meet current solar reflectivity (SR) standards for LEED 2009, LEEDv4, and Energy Star standards.  This reflects in keeping buildings cooler and lower energy costs.

What is the Difference Between the Concord and Lexington Panels?
The main difference is how the panels are secured to the decking underneath.  Concord, is manufactured to be installed with hidden clips without a screw strip.”   Lexington is directly screwed down to the decking.  The two panels serve different functions… it’s not about a preference in how to secure it, but it’s about panel length, and how the panels shift over time due to weather.  Contact our team of experts to help decide which panel is best for your project.

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