A metal Accent Panel is a great way to apply metal inside a building, as they aren’t just for roofing and siding on the exterior.  They can make an excellent backdrop for interior design as well. Do you want to create a rustic look for your basement bar, or add extra flair to the inside of a garage?  If so, then interior metal panels are just what you may need for that look you desire. Let’s divulge deeper into using an accent panel on the inside of your building.

First Things First

Several different panel profiles may work well on interior walls as accents. Here some topics to discuss when you’re considering options for your interior accent metal panels.

Accent Panel Intended Use

What kind of building are your panels going inside?  A garage? A commercial building?  Or is it your home?

Here are some places that may or may not be common to use inside your home, including an accent in a mudroom, a bedroom, a home bar or rec room, basement, or garage.   The location of these panels will definitely narrow down the options.

Some profiles, like Corrugated or Eagle Pro panels, are designed to be extremely durable and provide for easy cleaning. When they are used in garages or mudrooms, either of these options is a great choice because of the high chances that they will get dirty.

Let’s say that you want to use metal to accent an entire interior wall, or around your basement home bar.  You may want to go with a Flat panel option that creates a flush, wall-like appearance. Of course, there are not general rules of thumb that determine which accent panel you can use for your interior project.

Desired Style

Truly the most important and biggest deciding factor for narrowing down your interior panel choices is the style or look you want to achieve.

You will want to decide if you like the look of concealed or exposed fastener panel systems. Exposed fastener panels will have the hardware that’s used to secure the panels to the wall visible on the outside (screw heads), but concealed fastener panels will have the fasteners hidden underneath the panels. Concealed fasteners tend to offer a cleaner appearance, while exposed fasteners typically create a more traditional or rustic style.

Once you have chosen a style for your accent metal panel, now start deciding on profiles within those two categories. Here are some of our most popular styles:

  • Exposed Fastener Interior Panels
    • Corrugated — Any of our Corrugated panel profiles can be used on interior projects. It’s quite common to see home bars or islands created with 1.25” or 2.5” Corrugated panels, because of their durability and bold waves. Corrugated panels have wavy curves from one side to the other, and the only difference between the two is how tight or loose those waves are.  No matter which profile you choose, it will make a great interior wall accent, while providing unbelievable protection for your walls and offer an aesthetically pleasing style.
    • Eagle Pro — A common option for interior wall panels in garages, barns, or outbuildings, is Eagle Pro exposed fastener panels.  Eagle Pro is our most popular, and affordable exposed fastener panel. They provide a classic look, and are low maintenance. They are a great way to protect your walls from dirt that’s commonly found in garages.
  • Concealed Fastener Interior Panels (Standing Seam)
    • Flat Pan — Flat pan panels have an appearance that is like none other. Around fireplaces or wall accents are common areas that these panels are used.  But they also offer a seamless look on any type of interior project.
    • Striated — Our Lexington and Concord striated panels have more style than the flat pan and also have increased sturdiness. Striated panels have long parallel lines lengthwise down the panel that give it more flair.  Whether it’s an entryway or kitchen, or wherever else you may decide to use these panels, they’ll look stunning and provide protection for years and years to come.

Interior Metal Accent Panel Use Examples

Metal panels have versatility that allow them to be used in many different ways — especially on the interior of homes and buildings. Take a look at a few different projects that used metal to create depth and improved appearance on its interior:

Spruce up a restaurant or bar with an easy-to-clean material like 1-1/4″ Corrugated panels. They look amazing and are a simple way to add texture anywhere (see image at top of article).

Accent Panels
Interior Accent Panel
Interior Accent Panel Backsplash

A simple way to protect your assets inside garages, barns, or outbuildings, Eagle Pro works as a liner panel and keeps your walls protected while looking good.

Are you ready to use an accent metal panel inside your home or building?  Contact the All American Steel Team today to get your project’s materials quoted at AllAmericanSteel.net, or visit your closest All American Do it Center to see an in-store display of panel colors.