What’s the Steps to take in choosing metal siding on my home or building?

Choosing Metal Siding can be a great decision, and offer an alternative product to use as the siding on a home, storage building or commercial property.   When vinyl, wood or aluminum siding is hung, there is only one direction to hang it.  Your options are lap height or color.  That’s it!

Now think about all the variations you can do with metal siding.  It can be installed either horizontally or vertically.  There are different rib designs that can be chosen from, including exposed fastener options Eagle Pro, R-Panel, and PBR Panel, plus standing seam Concord or Lexington

Then there are options for modern designs where the panels may simply be used as an accent, or for the full side of the building.  Using metal panels in combination with other siding products or stone veneer can really distinguish your building from the rest in the area. 

Metal siding is a durable material that offers a unique style to your building’s exterior. If you’re using it on a home, it may seem like choosing metal siding is a little overwhelming because of all the options. Let’s go through a few factors to weigh in as if you’re planning for home siding.

Exposed Fastener Screws; choosing metal siding

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Metal Siding

Choosing the panel that’s right for your home takes careful consideration. There are a few factors you need to consider when narrowing down your options for a panel.


The siding on your home will experience the exact same weather your roof encounters.  It’s important to consider all factors, including wind, sun exposure, heat and cold, rain or snow.  Since it’s a large investment, you’ll want to be sure that it will handle all types of weather in your area if you are choosing metal siding.

Choosing metal siding aesthetics

Another important factor to consider when choosing metal siding is the style you desire. Whether you’re aiming for a modern look or rustic industrial type look, there are different panel profiles out there that can accomplish that. Selecting a galvanized corrugated panel may get you that rustic or industrial type look, but if you choose a standing seam flat pan panel in black or dark grey, you’ll receive a modern feel to your home’s exterior.

Choosing the right aesthetic for your metal siding has three important factors, including panel fastener systems, the panel ribs, orientation, and colors or finishes.

  • Fastener Systems — There are two different types of metal panel systems: hidden fastener (standing seam), and exposed fastener.  Standing seam systems create a great look, because the fasteners (screws and clamps) used to secure them to your home are hidden underneath the panels.  The panels are shaped to snap or lock into place with the screw heads underneath.  This system, however is more expensive due to additional labor that it takes to install.  On the other hand, exposed fastener systems create a more traditional look (like a “pole barn,” because the screws are installed directly through the panels, exposing the fastener heads permanently. This is the first step in choosing your panel look.
  • Panel Ribs — After you’ve narrowed your choices down to either exposed or hidden fasteners, now you’ll need to select a desired rib height.  Standing seam panels have a narrow rib (approximately ¼”) with a shorter 1,” or a taller 1.5” rib height.  Exposed fastener panels have a wider rib, ranging from ½” to 1” wide.
  • Orientation – You may have already decided on this, but you’ll need to choose whether to have your panels hung horizontally or vertically, and what direction you want the ribs to run.
  • Colors and Finishes – Once you’ve chosen your type of fastener and panel profile, now it’s time to select a color and surface finish. Both standing seam and exposed fastener panels can be formed in a smooth finish, or a crinkle finish, which shimmers in the sun, and has a unique textured look. Note that not colors are available in the crinkle finish.  But we think that crinkle is pretty darn cool to look at!
Choosing Metal Siding

Choosing metal siding on a home can be interesting because there’s so many options, but that’s part of the fun.  Contact the team at All American Steel on our website or by calling 608-377-7200.  We can do the design work, renderings, materials lists, provide the materials, and handle delivery to the jobsite.  Visit our display at the All American Do it Center home improvement stores in Tomah, Sparta, or Richland Center Wisconsin.