How do I know when it’s time to replace my roof?

There’s several reasons that may determine it’s time to replace your roof.  Regardless of whether it’s commercial or residential, all roofing will be subject to weather conditions all year long.  Factors may include age, climate, curb appeal, energy efficiency, and condition, so here’s a brief guideline to weigh in when evaluating the condition of your roof.

Location of your Building – Climate

Where you live will be a factor in determining your roof’s lifespan.  If you live in a warmer climate and do not experience the freeze-thaw cycles that northern homes endure, your roof may last longer.  It’s not subject to potential ice dams.  On the opposite extreme, however, if you live in an area that is hot, humid, and gets lots of thunderstorms, it might be worth considering a different type of roofing material when you replace your roof.  Additionally, high winds, or hail are weather conditions that may impact your roofing’s performance.

Replace your Roof
 Age of your Roof

Most asphalt shingle roofing systems have a lifespan of around 20 years.  Depending on the weather conditions it has been exposed to, and the quality of materials used, its lifespan may be a little longer or shorter than average. Be sure to check the condition of your roof first, as just because of its age as a sole factor, may not necessarily mean you need to replace your roof quite yet.

Condition of your Roof

If you’ve taken time to inspect your (asphalt shingled) roof, you may have noticed cracking, curling, buckling, or shingles that have moved out of place.  Look in your gutters.  Are they pretty deep in shingle granules?  Maybe the shingle granules have worn off to the point that they no longer protect the underlayments.  Sometimes poor installation, for example “high nailing,” where the roofing nails are not installed in the manufacturer’s designated location on the set of shingles, will cause the shingles to slide out of place, and shift entire sections of roofing as gravity pushes them down the roof. These are all definite signs that you need to replace your roof as soon as possible.

Energy Efficiency

Are you finding your utility bills high, as you heat or cool your home?  The problem may be poor insulation or ventilation in the attic.  Replace heat-absorbing asphalt shingles with energy efficient metal roofing, as the metal reflects the sunlight and doesn’t absorb the heat.  Then your attic and insulation can do a better job at what it’s supposed to do. Be sure to check for tax credits that may be available when you make your home more energy efficient before you replace your roof.

Curb Appeal Trends

As time moves on, there are trends that become popular and ones that definitely expire.  Designs and color schemes change and there are many that are as distinct now as there were in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Adding style to your home might be just what’s needed for you to love what you see every day when looking at your home’s exterior.  When it’s time to sell your home, new metal roof will definitely increase your home’s value not only in the immediate future, but over time as they have such a long shelf life.  Aesthetics is typically not a factor that creates a sense of urgency to replace your roof, but it’s something that is determined by budget and personal preferences.

When it’s time to replace your roof, Contact the team at All American Steel on our website or by calling 608-377-7200.  We can get an estimate on materials for both an exposed fastener system and standing seam / concealed fastener system.  We can do the design work, renderings, materials lists, provide the materials, and handle delivery to the jobsite.  You can also visit our display at the All American Do it Center home improvement stores in Tomah, Sparta, or Richland Center Wisconsin.