Patriot 4 Metal Roofing Panels Appear Like Standing Seam

When you take a drive through the countryside, you may notice many buildings are built with metal paneling on the outside.  This applies to both siding and roofing materials.  Whether it’s a post-frame (i.e. “pole shed”) building, a shouse, or a single family home, it’s likely you’ll notice the roof.

Two styles of metal roofing panels are available from All American Steel, being Exposed Fastener, and Hidden Fastener.  Although we are not going to cover the differences between the two in this article, you can learn more about them here.

Exposed fastener panel roofing typically has a basic, functional appearance, which often may remind the viewer of a post frame building.  But looking at a standing seam roof, the panels give off a cleaner, sleeker look.  However, the cost to install exposed fastener roofing is less than standing seam, as it is easier to work with, while standing seam takes a lot more skill and time.

Our solution to that, is if you enjoy the appearance of standing seam, but need to cut down on installation costs, you might want to try the Patriot 4 panel system.  These are exposed fastener panels, but they are formed at the factory to give off the appearance of a standing seam system. This allows for a faster and easier installation, keeping the costs of installation lower than Standing Seam Roofing.

Patriot 4 Panels have the following Specifications:

  • 1” Rib Height,
  • 11.67” On-Center Ribs
  • 35” Wide Panel Coverage
  • 40 Year Paint Warranty
  • 29 Gauge Galvalume
  • Painted with Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) Coating WeatherXL™
  • Substructure: Patriot 4 is designed to be utilized over open purlins 16” on center or a solid substrate. Solid substrate is recommended. To avoid panel distortion use a properly aligned and engineered substructure.

Although the material cost is a little higher per lineal foot for Patriot 4 than Standing Seam, the standing seam panel width coverage is less than half of what Patriot 4 or other exposed fastener panels cover.  This means more panels and an increase in overall costs for Standing Seam, including the higher cost for installation.

If you like the look of Standing Seam Roofing, but would prefer to spend less on your new roof, consider the Patriot 4 panels. They can be installed on any building, whether it’s a garage, shouse, barndominium, a single family home, post-frame building, or commercial property.

Patriot 4 Metal Roofing

Contact the team at All American Steel today on our website or by calling 608-377-7200 and get an estimate on materials for both an exposed fastener system and standing seam / concealed fastener system.  We can do the design work, renderings, materials lists, provide the materials, and handle delivery to the jobsite.  You can also visit our display at the All American Do it Center home improvement stores in Tomah, Sparta, or Richland Center Wisconsin.

Patriot 4 Metal Roofing